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Cricut Design Space

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The Description of Cricut Design Space

Cricut Design Space is a companion digital design app used for Cricut electronic cutting machine. This web-based program that lets you browse predesigned projects, design your own projects and upload your own jpeg files as well. Cricut Design Space stores over more than 800 predesigned, 75,000 images and 400 fonts. Those numbers are still growing as more and more users use Cricut.

Whether you are a long time Cricut user, or a newbie thinking about getting a machine, Cricut Design Space is the first step you have to start with Cricut. The app is available to use on desktop as well as mobile phones and tablets. 

App Store Performance

In total, 52,486 reviews are found in Google play store with 4.3 stars rating. There has been 1,000,000+ installs and the most recent update is June 24, 2021. While in Apple app store Cricut Design Space is ranked No. 9 in Graphics and Design category with 4.8 stars rating by 337.6K users. The app is rated as 4+ on iOS App store and it is suitable for all age group. Cricut Design Space is available in Microsoft store under Lifestyle and special interest.

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Cricut Design Space Reviews

Cricut Design Space consists of a suite of tools to create, modify and personalize your projects with the help of their extensive library of images, fonts and pre-designed projects. You don't have to be a design expert to use Cricut. Paired with a Cricut machine, this software allows you to unleash your creativities to layout your design.

The workspace is called the “canvas. There are various tools/features you may find useful when working on canvas such as finding images in the Cricut library. One simple click on “Image” icon, literally thousands of images are there at your finger tip. Search is made possible by typing keyword or id number to find exactly what you are looking for. Creators can make use of pre-designed images and fonts to layout project designs, create and edit pre-made projects, or start from scratch to layout your unique design project and share it with Cricut community once it is completed. Remember to save your project while working on it as the app may sometimes disconnect and crash. It will be a waste of time if your work is not saved before that happens. 

If you are happy with your design, it is time to “Make It” by sending project to the virtual cutting mat. You can adjust the size of each piece. Follow on the steps displayed on screen to get the project created with your Cricut machine.

Cricut Design Space Pros and Cons


App crashes a lot and may not be stable 

Additional paid “Cricut Access” plans is pricy for some people

Limited usage for images available on Circuit which is not for business


Help to connect people with same interest in crafting

Easy and intuitive to use

Free to use up to 1000 images and 250 pre-designed projects

Inspires individual’s creativities and exchange of ideas in community

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  • By Gail Sittin
    Why hasn’t my Cricut Design Space app loaded on my I-Phone
    19 Nov,2022

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    25 Feb,2022
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    158 MB
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    8.0 and up
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