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The Description of MeetMe: Chat & Meet New People

MeetMe provides social networking service to millions of mobile users daily. App users can stream live video, send virtual gifts, chat, and share photos using MeetMe app. It is available on iOS, and Android in multiple languages. However, MeetMe encourages user to make new friends online, which might be a dangerous thing to do for young people. 

App Store Performance

In total, 1,554,519 reviews are found in Google play store with 3.5 stars rating. There has been 50,000,000+ installs and the most recent update is December 17, 2021. While in Apple app store MeetMe is ranked No. 31 in Social Networking category with 4.3 stars rating by 247.5K users. The app is rated as 17+ on both Google Play and Apple iOS App store due to its mature content. Consumers complaining about Meet Me most frequently mention fake profiles and other problems. MeetMe is ranked 15th among all other dating sites.

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MeetMe: Chat & Meet New People Reviews

Although MeetMe is advertised as a website/mobile app to make “new friends” with no hassle, it is regarded as a dating app by most people. 

After you create an account in MeetMe and set up profile using an active Facebook account or email address, various profiles will instantly pop up from other app users in the nearby area. You can browse them to find someone appealing to you. Users are encouraged to log in regularly to chat and even meet fellow users in person. While there’s nothing wrong with building new friendships, it isn’t always safe or recommended to meet strangers via internet.

To promote one’s profile and get seen by more people, user needs “MeetMe Credits” to build the profile and gain more attention. In addition, various search filters are available to search based on detailed personal information such as relationship status, age, and sex. Users are encouraged and even rewarded to view profiles of the opposite sex. You will also be awarded by logging in daily, regularly interacting with other user or connecting with “Secret Admirers” during games. Of course, you can purchase those credits directly through in-app purchase.

Although there is an age limit for using the app, in reality, no age-verification process is in place to keep this in check. Users are encouraged to complete various “arcade-like” tasks to get app’s credits. People may forget that their actions have real-world consequences and the truth is that they are actually playing with real strangers.

MeetMe adopts an “open-door” policy towards  its user profiles. Because there are no privacy settings; every detail in user profile will be open for anyone to see. Furthermore, MeetMe encourages to build connections with fellow users by opening up and shareing personal details, which is already a red flag to most concerning people. 

MeetMe: Chat & Meet New People Pros and Cons


Interaction with other users is entertaining

- Signing up is easy and filling out a profile is a speedy process


Large number of fake profiles and scammers online

- Lack of privacy setting

- Negative reinforcements to encourage to frequent use of the app

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Reviews (3)
    I like these apps for fun but no visitors ?‍♀️♀️?????
    17 Dec,2022
  • By Chuccie chucc
    Yes I need socal friends
    20 Oct,2022
  • By Belinda Davis Richardson
    I would really like for you to go ahead and download the Meet Me app right now,please because I'm ready to get started meeting different people.
    3 Oct,2022

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