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The Description of Telegram

Telegram is a cross-platform instant messaging software developed by Telegram FZ-LLC. Users can exchange encrypted and self-destructing messages with each other and send all types of files such as photos and videos. The systems it supports include mobile versions of Android, iOS, Windows Phone, desktop versions of Windows, macOS, Linux, and web versions of various platform clients; at the same time, there are many third-party clients to choose from.

It has strong communication security features, compared with most instant messaging software such as WhatsApp, it is more secure. Telegram has two modes, one is the "normal chat" mode, which uses end-to-end encrypted communication, but the server has access to the key and can log in through multiple devices. For example, when two users communicate, neither the third party, including the management personnel, can access the communication content of the users. The second is a "secret chat" mode, which uses end-to-end encrypted communication and can only log in via two specific devices. After the message is read by the user, the message will be automatically destroyed within a specified time. Once the message expires, the message disappears on the user's device.

App Store Performance

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Telegram Update

Telegram has upgraded and repaired the system based on the original version, and updated reactions, spoilers, translations and QR codes. The specific updates are as follows:

In terms of reactions, double-tap a message to send a quick thumbs up reaction; press and hold a message for more reactions; change your quick-reaction emoji in Settings > Stickers & Emojis; group and channel admins can go to Chat Messages > Edit > Reactions enable reactions in their chat.

In terms of spoilers, select text as you type and choose a "spoiler" format to hide part or all of a message; users tap a spoiler animation in a chat to reveal their hidden text; spoiler formatting hides chats as well as chat lists and notifycations text in.

For translations, turn on the translation options in Settings > Languages. , press and hold a message to translate it into your language.

On the QR code side, generate a custom QR code that points to your link; tap the QR code icon in the public profiles of groups, bots, and channels and have someone quickly scan it with their device.

Telegram Reviews

Telegram is a secure and free messaging app, it has over 500 million users, and it is growing rapidly. An appealing feature of Telegram is its versatility, Telegram offers a wide range of features that allow users to push user experience customization to the limit. Although, Telegram is not as popular as some mass social software, but more independent and confidential, not as secure as professional confidential messaging software, but more general and intuitive. Telegram is presented in a very clean and modern interface with some of the most advanced customization options on the market today, including an ultra-customizable interface, animated backgrounds, creating stickers, color options for themes. Users can also turn animations on or off to their liking, share recent chats, and enable dark mode by default. Telegram's interface is also fairly classic, so if users are used to other instant messaging apps, it's pretty straightforward. Telegram is available on almost every platform and offers a very cloud-centric storage system that can sync sessions across multiple devices at the same time, or multiple accounts can run on the same app. Users can use Telegram on smartphones, tablets and even computers. Telegram Web can also access your messages through the user's browser.

What makes Telegram stand out from some of its mainstream competitors is that it has features that its competitors sorely lack. For example, programmable and mute chats, self-destructing messages and delete functions, etc. On Telegram, all chats are encrypted, but only secret chats benefit from end-to-end encryption, so users must activate these secret chats manually and individually for each conversation. Meanwhile, Secret Chat also doesn't allow users to forward messages or take screenshots. If you don't want messages from secret chats to be there forever, Telegram allows you to set a self-destruct time to delete them permanently. Once a message is received, it stays in the chat for a predetermined period of time, where you can choose a duration between a second and a week, and then they disappear. Also, Telegram beats most of its competitors by supporting files up to 2GB. Group chats remain open in Telegram, any number of members can use the feature at any time, and it is possible to have an unlimited number of participants in a voice chat.

Apart from the unique features mentioned above, Telegram has a lot more features than its competitors. As a user, I appreciate the freedom and versatility of its features, although I find some of the choices at odds with Telegram's philosophy of privacy and data protection.

Telegram Pros and Cons


  1. Great functionality and cross-device compatibility. Works well on all devices.

  2. It has an end-to-end (E2E) encryption mode to improve information security and protect user privacy.


  1. The system cannot clear data completely, IP addresses and other user data are recorded.

  2. E2E encryption only applies to secret chats.

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